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SUL, a family run language school, was founded by Christopher and Nicole Retallack in 1976. Christopher is from Cornwall in England and Nicole is from France.

There is now a wealth of experience and expertise in our head office team. We all believe in helping our students benefit not only by improving their skills in English, but also by gaining greater self-confidence, a more broad minded approach to life and many new friends from many different countries.

Anya Willcox
Sales Co-Ordinator

Liaising with the Sales and Marketing Director on all sales and marketing strategies. Assisting Education travel agents. Yearly contracts sent to all local organisers. Enrolling all participants on all The Amazing Experience programmes. Issuing student visas.

Tim Keeley
Academic Manager

Responsible for the Recruitment Officer and ensuring SUL's teaching staff are in place and fully briefed for the upcoming courses. Researching schools for the Integration programme. Reviewing and maintaining teachers’ manuals and procedures within the academic department.

Jemma Piriou
Transport Administrator

Responsible for the booking of all modes of transport and accompanying adults where necessary for student arrivals and departures. Researching transport companies throughout the UK for future and current courses. Booking the coaches/trains etc for all activity destinations on all courses.

Jasmine Oliver
Courses Co-ordinator

Booking and overseeing SUL's short stay courses. Liaising with local organisers and host families. Ensuring the activity programmes are booked and all information correct. Managing residential courses from the creation of programmes to booking all afternoon and weekend activities/attractions.

Sarah Spidy
Recruitment Officer

Responsible for recruiting all of the teachers and activity leaders for the courses. Booking all teaching facilities. Compiling course statistics. Liaising with operations team on all courses and accounts manager for teachers’ budgets and rates of pay.

Stephanie Coon
Office Manager

Responsible for overseeing all head office staff and ensuring the smooth running of the office. Responsible for developing and implementing new administration systems. Ensuring each department is fully briefed on all courses and records are kept up to date and all administrative processes work effectively.

Slavas Palkevicius

I am delighted to present SUL's educational programmes. I am confident that combining of almost 45 years of excellence in education with innovative thinking, will help our students and partner organisations experience education at its best.

Let's appreciate our past and innovate for a better future.

Christopher Retallack Founder

If you need to improve your English, develop your critical thinking and creativity while enjoying great cultural and sporting experiences, we can help you grow in confidence more than ever before!

You’ll find we’ve kept all your favourite activities and in 2020 we’ve introduced several exciting new opportunities.

Therefore my hope is that you will make SUL Education your first choice for developing your talents in 2020!!

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