Rabbids Gaming Academy - Study English Creative Way

From our regular daily life to cutting-edge technology, Rabbids Gaming Academy offers an astonishing quest to explore the wonders of game coding and design and help The Rabbids to invade space through this Amazing Experience.

In cooperation with the Ubisoft, we have designed this combined English and Gaming summer programme to help younger students learn English while developing the core concepts of problem solving, programming and digital design.

This course is ideally suited for 8-12 y/o children who love to be creative and find their own solutions to problems. It combines on-campus English + Rabbids coding and game design lessons with action-packed daily activities and excursions outside the classroom. These provide a wealth of history, culture and interesting places to enjoy.

Every day, in true Rabbids-style, using blocks of code students will try to turn the Rabbids spaceship upside down! Students will need to give instructions to clear up the mess Rabbids have created.

Every week will be packed with Rabbids, fun, excursions and exciting challenges. All students on our Rabbids Coding Camp course will have an opportunity to discover how coding can be used in our regular life and how it all works together. Students will free their curiosity and start exploring!

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