DATES: 07 July - 11 August 2024

CAPACITY: 140 students

AGES: 8-12 and 13-17 years old

LESSONS: 20 lessons of English tuition + 10 specialty lessons per week

CLASS: Max 15 students per class

TEACHERS: Fully qualified, experienced English language, Robotics, I.T., Music and Movie making teachers

ACTIVITIES:2 full-day excursions per week (if no departure)

2 half-day off campus per week

3 half-day on campus per week (2 rehearsals + 1to1 lessons for Music Al Ways students)

TRAVEL: Birmingham (1-1/2 h.), London Heathrow (3 1/2 h.)


Program Location Info
Bedstone College, Bedstone
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Music Al Ways
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Rabbids Gaming Academy
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Great Britain Experience
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