Robotics Summer Lab

From our regular daily life to cutting-edge technology, Robotics Summer Lab offers an astonishing quest to explore the wonders of robotics through this Amazing Experience.

In cooperation with the Robotics Academy, we have designed this combined English and Robotics summer programme to help younger students learn English while developing the core concepts of problem solving and programming.

This course is ideally suited for children who love to be creative and find their own solutions to problems.

Every day our students will be able to build their own LEGO robots and use them to solve everyday problems and answer questions. Students will be given the opportunity of using their own creativity to improve on a robot’s basic design, all the while learning more and more advanced concepts.

Every week will be packed with fun, excursions and exciting challenges, which test the limits of the students’ robots - such as getting through maz- es, navigating obstacles, battling other robots and much, much more!

Program Locations:

Taunton School, Taunton
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Rush, Co. Dublin
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Cardiff Metropolitan University
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University of Worcester
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